Prices and Delivery

Prices in the listings are basic prices. For larger quantities discounts are available to you please clarify beforehand. The price list is provided in the website with current prices. Since we are confronted with frequent price fluctuations in the purchase, it may be, however, that it may give short-term deviations, which are then not yet covered here. For this reason there is no price guarantee.

The goods are delivered to your nominated delivery address. However, if you appear as a small customer, it is possible that a handover meeting with you or agreed with the goods being unloaded at a customer who is in your area.

They are approached every 4 weeks. The weeks of delivery will be communicated at the beginning of the year. You make our work easier, if you register with us a week before the appointment and tell your order. Otherwise, you receive a call from us.

The goods that are shipped from us are usually in perfect condition for you. If this should not be the case, since we can not control all quantities, the goods will be exchanged or redeemed. Therefore, at no cost.